Silence in Church Please - Even if Church is Outside 
15/10/20, 06:00 PM

It is important that we make an effort a real effort to refrain from speaking in church. Since we have been outside most of the summer we have unfortunately adapted our outside paradigm to church services rather than our church paradigm to being outside. If one absolutely must have a conversation during the time of the Divine Services this should be done either:

1. In the kiosk area IN VERY HUSHED TONES. The glass doors are by no means sound proof. We are failing quite terribly here. The Parish Council will discuss this at the next meeting and measures will be taken to cut down on the cacophony coming from behind the glass doors during the Divine Liturgy.


3. Most appropriately, unless the conversation involves a life or death situation: at the meal after the Divine Liturgy

4. We ask parents that if they bring toys for their children that these be soft toys that to do not make noise when dropped on the floor or on the benches.

Please contact Fr. Gregory with questions or concerns.

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