BIshop Visit Preparation - Catechumens Bow Your Heads 
22/7/21, 06:00 AM

As we review our parish practices in preparation for Archbishop Peter's visit we would like to share this small correction with you. At about the midway point of the Divine Liturgy the Deacon intones "Catechumens bow your heads unto the Lord!". And the Catechumens should in fact do this. But those who are not Catechumens should not. :) No one will be fined or otherwise punished for doing this - but it is good for us to be the rational sheep of the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ and follow the directions the Deacons and Priests are giving us as a worshiping Eucharistic community during the Divine Liturgy to the greatest extent we can. Please see me with questions.

Fr. Gregory

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