Bishop Visit Preparation: Greeting Others in Church 
22/7/21, 06:00 PM

As we prepare ourselves for Archbishop Peterís visit and examine some of the practices that we have acquired during the course of the pandemic we should also examine how we greet others in church. If you arrive before the beginning of the Divine Services (before the Hours on Sunday or before the Vigil on Saturday) it is permissible to speak briefly with others in a whisper in the church proper. Any extended conversations should be taken outside. If, however, you arrive at the church when the Divine Services have already begun, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it permissible to begin any sort of conversation. You may bow to your friends as a greeting as you take your place in the church. The parish church is Godís House. It is a place for worship. This is sometimes a challenge for us since we have our parish meal in the church rather than in a separate hall. Nonetheless, let us strive to remember not to talk during the Divine Services, and be humble if we need to be reminded of this by the Parish Council member on duty.

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