Information on Orthodoxy 

Information about the Orthodox Christian Faith

The Orthodox Church is the Church that Jesus Christ Himself founded 2000 years ago for just one reason – the salvation of all mankind. The Orthodox Church has preserved the faith once delivered to man by our Lord, and we struggle to spread this faith to all men, for the salvation of their souls. Please read those pamphlets that interest you below to learn more. All are courtesy of the web site of Bishop Alexander of Buenos Aires:

If you would like to learn more about the Orthodox Church please contact us at

Are you looking for a Church Community? We would be very happy to have you join us at St. Vladimir's! As Orthodox Christians we believe that the relationship between the members of the Holy Trinity is the highest and most profound example of love - an example we strive to emulate in our lives and especially in our parish family. Although we all live in the world, we also live as part of our parish family, caring for and educating each other, and supporting each other spiritually as we grow in our faith. COME AND SEE! Please join us at St. Vladimir's for one of the Divine Services, preferably the Sunday morning Divine Liturgy (10:00 a.m.). Introduce yourself if you have time, but we expect you won't, since we'll do our best to introduce ourselves to you before you have the chance! If you have questions about the Orthodox faith please contact our church email above, or feel free to contact our Rector, Fr. Gregory Joyce. We welcome you to St. Vladimir's!

The most concise explanation you can read to learn about the Orthodox Faith: The Indication of the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven. First written in the Aleut language, later translated into Russian, and finally into English and other modern languages.

A brief overview of the Orthodox Church’s history and teachings. Information about some contemporary moral questions from the Orthodox point of view. An over view of the church building. The Orthodox Church.

What the Orthodox Church believes about God: God – the Holy Trinity.

What the Orthodox Church believes about Jesus Christ: The Lord Jesus Christ – the Savior of the World.

What the Orthodox Church teaches about the Mother of Jesus Christ: The Holy Virgin Mary.

The Orthodox teaching about Angels.

The Orthodox teaching about The End of the World.

Where is the True Church? This pamphlet may help you answer that question: Finding the New Testament Church.

Sola Scriptura – An excellent booklet about the Protestant doctrine of the Bible from an Orthodox perspective. Written by a former Protestant Pastor who is now an Orthodox Priest.

Introduction to the Bible – The Bible from an Orthodox perspective. Very few people know that the Bible was not only written by Orthodox Christians, but also that Orthodox Christians compiled the Bible as we know it today.

Prayer for the Dead
– Orthodox Christians pray for both the dead and the living. Find out why by reading this pamphlet.

The Orthodox Church is a sacramental Church. We do not limit ourselves strictly to The Seven Sacraments – this pamphlet will explain why.

How do we pray? Why do we pray? Where do we pray? When do we pray? Prayer – the Breath of the Soul.

The Saints – our Intercessors in Heaven – A very important topic in God’s Church – those who go before us and we who remain here on earth relate to them.

The Divine Liturgy – Information about the most theologically significant Liturgical service of the Orthodox Church (the Eucharist).
For additional web resources please see the Orthodox Christian Information Center’s “Especially for Inquirers” web site or their “Introduction to Orthodoxy” site.

You may also see the web site of the Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America's "About Orthodoxy" page.